Farro Salad Recipe as seen on NBC30

Roll dice for chance to win 11 cent drink or Lazy for Life Card every 11th day of every month!


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Negroni Week 6/24 - 6/30 Drink Specials benefiting No Kid Hungry a national charity to end childhood hunger

Late Night All You Can Eat WINGS every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10-midnight

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"I met this pig. I met it's farmer and shook his hand. I tasted what the pig ate. I walked it's pasture. Then I fabricated it and made it into the best food I could with great respect for what it had given me. Something happens when you grow up seeing food come in Styrofoam trays with plastic wrap stamped $2 off per pound. Something very meaningful happens when food becomes real. I relish every opportunity to engage with real food that I proudly serve at my restaurants."

Chef/Owner - KC


MONDAY - fried chicken

TUESDAY - 1/2 priced bottle of wine night! In vino est veritas, know what I mean?

WEDNESDAY - build your own mac'n cheese

THURSDAY -  chicken milanese

FRIDAY - meatloaf wellington

SATURDAY - tuna poke

SUNDAY - chicken & waffles

all menus are subject to change due to seasonal availability